Welcome to Petro Solar Engineering Co Site.

Welcome to Petro Solar Engineering Co Site.

About Us

Petro Solar Engineering CO. is one of leader and knowledge based companies in field of Instrumentation and Control systems and working in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries and factory plants.

Managers and engineers of this company, during the past years, succeeded in implementation of numerous projects in various stages i.e. engineering design, integration and commissioning in field of  Instrumentation and Control systems in various plants Such as oil fields, refinery units, desalting and production plants, compressor and gas injection stations, oil pumping stations and products, oil and gas storages and specially rotating turbo machine control systems too.

Some of main specialization areas of Petro Solar Eng. Co. as a control system integrator are: resolving existing lacks and problems within control and monitoring of in-service projects and also instrumentation and control sequence of rotary equipment.

With expert engineering Professionals and experienced workshop technicians, Petro Solar Engineering company is able to perform projects in field of engineering, construction, programming and commissioning control systems includes ICSS, FCS, DCS, ESD, F&G and Detectors, MMS, BMS and RTU also engineering and also widespread supplying of field instrument equipment for various projects.

Having well-rounded senior staff, this company is able to carry out projects as per national and also international codes and standards, utilizing products from high quality and internationally well-Known brands such as;

  •       1. YOKOGAWA (Centum, Prosafe)
  •       2. HONEYWELL (Experion PKS/LX, Safety Manager)
  •       3. ABB (Industrial IT 800xA,  High Integrity)
  •       4. SIEMENS (400H, 400HF, 400, 300 Series)
  •       5. HIMA (Himax, 41/51q Series)

For control & Safety systems, BENTLY NEVADA (3500 Series and 1900/65 series), B&K, Prognost with related sensors and equipment for machine monitoring systems, and fire alarm systems such as;

– Addressable Panel (Honeywell, Notifier, NSC, TYCO, SCAME, …)

– Conventional Panel (HOCHIKI, MINIMAX, TYCO, SCAME…) 

– PLC Based FGS (HIMA, Prosafe (Yokogawa), Safety Manager (Honeywell), Failsafe (Siemens)

With detectors manufactured by Spectrex, Honeywell, Firesentry, MEDC, Kromamec, Hochiki, Proline, Protectowire, Vesda, Oggioni, Simtronic and so on.

Regarding instrument activities, in addition to providing field instruments & Valves from ROSEMOUNT, YOKOGAWA, E&H, ABB, WIKA, SAMSON, AUMA & so on, this company has the ability to design and provide all instrument documents in basic and detail phase and also procurement services with installation and commissioning activities.

Petro Solar Eng. CO. has the honor of cooperation with nationally well-known clients and companies such as:


Relying on its valuable experiences Petro Solar Eng. CO.  is capable to undertake and successfully complete complex and large-scale national projects which typically were carried out by foreign companies in the past.

One of other special abilities of this company between internal and foreign rivals is full implementation designing, construction, programming and commissioning projects of control, fuel and vibration systems of turbo machine devices including compressors, generators and pump drives that actually obviated country needs of optimizing turbo machines fields as SGT600 SIEMENS, TB and TA RUSTON, AVON ROLLS ROYCE, CENTUAR and SATURN SOLAR.

One of other advantages of this company is flexible rolling in site activities such as Revamping, commissioning and maintenance services in existing and in completed equipment in industrial fields.

At the end, Petro Solar Eng. CO. hopes that can be taking step forward relying on his knowledge and expertise of expert engineers and implementation of successful and numerous projects during the past years, in continues trend of national industries empowerment and advanced industries localizing.

Our Mission

Our Vision